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The ACT is leading the solar batteries adoption race with an initiative to award grants of up to $600,000 to businesses who install battery storage across Canberra. The pilot will lead into a renewable auction, aiming to install battery storage in 5,000 homes and businesses over four years. To help achieve the ACT’s target of 90 per cent renewable energy by 2020.

Solar batteries metering

Environment Minister Simon Corbell said “Low-cost energy storage is the missing link in the transition to a 100 percent renewable energy grid. The ACT is determined to play its part in developing this emerging industry.” “We expect up to $25 million to be available to support about 26MW of battery storage to be rolled out in more than 5,000 Canberra homes and businesses over the next four years,” Mr Corbell said.

This will be the largest deployment of solar battery technology outside of Germany

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