Solar hot water heater

Solar Hot Water

Solar water heaters use the Sun's unlimited FREE energy to provide up to 80% of your hot water.
When these savings are combined with either State rebates, or the Federal Government initiated Renewable Energy Certificates Scheme, a Chromagen solar hot water system is the obvious economical choice.


Aesthetically pleasing design, no more tank on the roof. Chromagen's split solar water heaters consist of our high performance roof mounted collectors, matched with our range of high quality, technologically advanced ground mounted hot water storage tanks. A Chromagen split solar system will not detract from the appearance of your home.


Thermosiphon systems call on Mother Nature to circulate water through the solar collectors to the storage tank using the thermosiphon principle that hot water rises naturally. Hence, eliminating the need for circulating pumps or other moving parts. Chromagen's thermosiphon systems are the most straightforward, economically viable and energy efficient designs available. A gas or electric back-up booster provides energy during cloudy weather, so you can have plenty of hot water when you need it.


The key to Chromagen's legendary solar performance lies in the design and materials used in the solar collector panels.

Chromagen solar collectors are a fin and tube design with both the fin and tube being manufactured from high-grade copper ultrasonically welded together to give maximum contact for the efficient transfer of heat energy. The end result is the most efficient collector available in the Australian market.


If the sun doesn't shine enough, don't worry. The fully automatic electric back-up booster will kick in to ensure you don't run short of hot water. So it doesn't matter if you leave the booster switched on, it won't use any more electricity than is necessary to ensure you always have plenty of hot water. The fully automatic back-up booster works only when it's needed so you'll always have plenty of hot water when you want it. It's also available in gas.

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