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Don’t Know Where to Start?

Are you thinking about adding Solar panels to your home, but don’t know where to start?

Installing a solar system for your home can seem daunting – but finding out what you need to know before choosing a system is easier than you might think.

Our website at Adelaide Solar Safe can get you started – and we can keep you informed with regular updates on SA’s Home Battery Scheme, plus show you how you can get paid to supply energy to the grid.

With proven expertise and a local base here in SA, we can advise you on safe power systems, eco packages and more.

The team at Adelaide Solar Safe can provide you with a no-fuss fully integrated system, designed for your individual needs and installed by our own Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Better energy efficiency means you’ll save money, and earn a guaranteed income when you export surplus energy to the grid (via the SA Government Feed in Tariff Scheme).

You’ll also have peace of mind with backup power and lighting system, whenever a power emergency occurs.

From a medium family home up to a large family home, or even a small business rooftop – we have the right solution for you at Adelaide Solar Safe. Set yourself up for the future with up to date technology and expert advice.

Whatever you decide on, there are a few things to consider before committing yourself.

Solar System Options

First of all find out your system options, and do some online research to understand the solar rebates/incentives and feed-in tariffs.

Go Local

Then compare products, quotes and installers to find a proven local supplier who you are confident can provide ongoing support and advice.

A local solar installer like Adelaide Solar Safe is a good way to go for system monitoring and energy management going into the future.

A good supplier can also help with your final decision on selecting the right electricity plan for your home. There’s more to it than just the size of the system, as different panel makes and models have varying energy generation capacity.

As the electricity grid adjusts to more and more demand, affordability and reliability is also paramount for small businesses.

Check out our website for useful info when considering going solar, or call us to speak directly to our solar energy experts.

Here you’ll find everything from how to measure your electricity usage, to how many panels you may need, whether or not you need a battery plus very useful tips rarely mentioned on other sites.

Don’t forget to look at  sites that have a solar power calculator to find out how much you can save on your electricity bill.