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Electronic Vehicles (EV) are becoming more popular and are considered the future of the car industry, whether it is a family car, sports car, SUV or truck. The one thing that is needed is a good way to charge your vehicle at home without raising your electricity bill by too much.

With emerging technology, SolarEdge has the world’s first 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter that will allow you to charge your electric vehicle directly from the power of the sun!

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is a system where you can plug-in electric vehicles, including battery electric, hybrids and hydrogen fuelled vehicles to the power grid. Through this connection, they communicate with the grid to charge, store and discharge electric power to and from the vehicle and the grid. The vehicle must be gridable, or in other words have a grid capacity.

The concept is simple. Like other solar systems that use a battery as a backup to store power for the home/business, the EV battery can operate in a similar system for its own power needs. I can hear you asking how and the idea is similar to how you operate certain electrical items only during off-peak times so that you can sell as much of your solar PV (Photovoltaic) power to the grid during peak sunshine times. You charge the EV during off-peak times and sell the power back to the grid during peak times.

Emerging Solar Battery Technology

The whole solar battery revolution that is happening now is still in infancy stages in regards to the technology being developed and used. That is to say that even as we are starting to embrace the idea of storing PV from the sun in batteries, the technology is still improving and will continue to do so.

The same can be said of the battery technology that is being used in EVs and the methods of recharging them. It is all very new, Emerging Technology that will continue to get better and better.

SolarEdge Solar Battery Systems

What if you combined the ideas between the two technologies? You could use the EV battery to act as your solar storage battery when you have the car parked at home! All you would need is an inverter that could be connected to the car and the solar collection panels and SolarEdge has created such an inverter!

This single phase inverter will allow homeowners to charge their EV directly from the power gathered from the sun and converted to electricity. This allows you to maximise your solar usage and reduce your electricity bill at the same time! The inverter also has a solar boost mode which can charge the EV up to 2.5 times quicker than standard EV chargers by using grid and PV charging at the same time.

Being a SolarEdge product, it integrates seamlessly with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, allowing you to track the charging status, to control the vehicle charging and set charging schedules. This can all be done on the mobile app too.

Regardless of whether you already have an EV or are preparing to be EV-ready, contact us for more information.