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Solar Energy Storage

Solar Energy Storage

Solar Energy Storage and management system.

If you are looking to save money on your electricity bills then you should be looking at a solar system that includes Energy Storage. A Solar Energy Storage system will allow you to reduce your power bills, store power and supply to you as needed and help you gain independence from the energy providers.

An energy storage system that utilises solar batteries like Adelaide Solarsafe’s StorEdgeTM is what you need to achieve this. Combine it with our SolarEdge product with cloud-based monitoring and you will have an elit

Solar Energy STORAGE – The Basics

Solar panels make electricity 

Solar panels collect the solar energy that hits them and convert that solar energy into electricity. This energy conversion process is performed by photovoltaic (PV) cells in the solar panels. The electricity is then converted and regulated by a solar inverter to be ready to be used in your home. Any excess electricity generated can then be optionally sent to the power grid.

Solar battery storage

When batteries are installed, excess power is first stored in a solar battery, ready for you to use it later. If the battery becomes fully charged then the excess solar power is sent to the power grid.  Once the sun goes down or cloud cover obscures the sun, the stored battery energy is converted to mains electricity to provide power.

Shade on Solar Panels

Solar installations can be dramatically affected by shade from trees or obstructions casting shadows on the solar panels. With some solar systems, shade on just one panel is sufficient to significantly reduce the solar power output. Some solar power systems are designed to be less impacted by shadows so this is an important consideration for your installation.

The SolarEdge Advantage

SolarEdge optimises each panel to operate independently from each other. This means that if one panel is shaded, it is the only panel that is affected, not every panel! All other panels will continue to produce Solar energy

StorEdge – The Solar Energy Storage Solution

The Solar Energy Storage Solution, StorEdge works as your solar direct PV, stored PV energy and grid power usage management system. StorEdge allows you to utilise the Solar PV power as it is generated, uses the battery if you exceed the direct PV and the grid once both are exhausted. Let me give you an example…

From sunrise, your panels become active and you start to use the PV provided by them. While you are not using all of that PV the battery starts to charge from the excess collected. If your usage exceeds the PV coming in then the battery comes into play for any extra power required e.g. 90% direct and 10% battery. When your usage drops back to 100% direct, the battery returns to charging. When the battery is full, the extra PV is sent to the grid. At sunset, the panels stop collecting PV and your usage switches to the battery. Any excess over the battery is taken from the grid. Once the battery is drained, the grid takes over your power supply until the sun rises once again.

A perfect management system that uses all the direct PV first, the battery second and the grid last. It’s possible that you could not even draw on the grid at all!

All this and Back-up Power Too!

In the case of a blackout, because of the way this system works, you wouldn’t even notice, unless of course, your battery goes flat. Or you have it set to concentrate on pre-selected loads so, for example, you might lose your lights but the fridge continues to receive power.

Real-Time Monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring platform tracks the PV production, consumption, storage and the flow of the PV between the array, battery, grid and house loads in real-time data.

Solar Energy Storage Solution

If you are looking for Solar Energy Storage then the SolarEdge StorEdge system is the solution you are looking for.