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Why solar might increase by up to 30%

Considering purchasing a solar installation to reduce your household energy costs?
Now is the time to act, as solar costs may increase as much as 30% without notice.

STC values may fall dramatically

Federal Government reducing STC costs

The STC is a Government rebate that currently reduces the cost of a typical home solar installation by up to 30%
The Federal Govt has been seeking to reduce STC values to reduce the financial impact on the federal budget

Rebate reducing due to solar installation demand

The value of the STC rebate has also been reducing due to increased take-up of solar in Australia.

Will you miss out on the 30% solar rebate?

This means people considering Solar, need to act quickly so they don’t miss out on the 30% rebate

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What’s is an STC?

An STC is a Federal Government subsidy on the cost of installing your solar system. Depending on how big your system is, and where you live, the number of STCs you are eligible for varies and therefore the amount of the Government rebate on the purchase of your solar system varies.

The Solar Credits program is part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. Under this initiative, every megawatt hour of qualifying energy generation is eligible for renewable energy certificates (RECs). These certificates come in two types:

  • Large Scale Certificates: LSC apply to commercial scale solar installations ie 100KW and over
  • Small Scale Certificates (STCs) are the ones that apply to solar systems under 100Kw – residential solar installations.

What is a STC worth?

The value of a STC credit varies depending on a range of factors including:

Here’s how you calculate how many STCs you are eligible for:

System size (kW) x Postcode Zone Rating x Deeming Period (years) = Number of STCs (rounded down).

Currently, STC rebates reduce the cost of a typical home solar system in Adelaide by approximately $4,000

When is the STC rebate applied to my solar system?

approved solar retailer

STC credits are applied after the solar system has been commissioned.

This means when you are getting quotes from solar installers, it’s very important to be aware of the STC that has been used in your quote. If your installer doesn’t guarantee to use that STC value after commissioning, the solar system may cost you significantly more

We guarantee the STC rate when we quote you

As an Approved Solar Retailer with the Clean Energy Council, Adelaide Solar Safe guarantees the STC value from our quotation to commissioning.