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enphase-solar-battery-storageEnphase Battery Storage

Enphase Battery Storage is now available in Adelaide through Adelaide Solar Safe
This modular, ‘plug and play’ solar battery solution is integrated into Enphase’s Energy Management System to provide a flexible solar energy to suit current and then scale to future solar energy requirements.

Scalable Solar BATTERIES

Enphase, the same people who championed solar micro-inverter technology now applies this scalability to the Enphase solar battery storage system.
Enphase battery storage offers:

  • Safe & reliable solar battery power
    Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries technology
    Estimated 10 year battery life
  • EnPhase ‘Enlighten’  intelligent solar management maximises your solar installation’s capability.
    EnPhase ‘Enlighten’ learns how to optimize soalr power and mains power usage optimising savings for you over time.
  • Scalable solar battery system allows
    • a reduced up front capital investment
    • enables the system to be increased to suit changing household power consumption or energy supplier billing configurations