Enphase Battery Storage


enphase-solar-battery-storageEnphase Battery Storage

Enphase Battery Storage is now available in Adelaide through Adelaide Solar Safe
This modular, ‘plug and play’ solar battery solution is integrated into Enphase’s Energy Management System to provide a flexible solar energy to suit current and then scale to future solar energy requirements.

Scalable Solar BATTERIES

Enphase, the same people who championed solar micro-inverter technology now applies this scalability to the Enphase solar battery storage system.
Enphase battery storage offers:

  • Safe & reliable solar battery power
    Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries technology
    Estimated 10 year battery life
  • EnPhase ‘Enlighten’  intelligent solar management maximises your solar installation’s capability.
    EnPhase ‘Enlighten’ learns how to optimize soalr power and mains power usage optimising savings for you over time.
  • Scalable solar battery system allows
    • a reduced up front capital investment
    • enables the system to be increased to suit changing household power consumption or energy supplier billing configurations


Enphase plug-and-play solar energy storage system

enphase-pv-storageEnPhase are piloting their new enPhase AC batteries from December in Australia . This ‘smart solar battery’ system is a major step towards intelligent solar storage.

The wall-mountable Enphase AC Battery is just 390 x 325 x 220 mm and weighs just 25 kg. Each battery includes a bidirectional micro-inverter to give 1.2 kW hours of energy and 275W/500W power output. Its ambient temperature range covers -20°C to 45°C and a limited warranty (> 80% capacity) for up to 10 years or 7300 cycles.

Enphase Energy’s Asia-Pacific managing director, Nathan Dunn says “We’ve partnered with ELIIY Power, a Japanese battery provider to develop a battery based on Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry,” said Dunn. “This is an incredibly safe technology with a prismatic cell format that is very resilient to high temperatures and trauma events.”

There’s three simple steps to deploying the system:

1. Install the Networking Hub
Enphase Envoy-S Metered is an iPad sized monitoring system with the MyEnlighten app allows you to monitor solar power and mains power usage and generation. This enables you to figure out how many storage batteries you will need.

enphase-pv-storage2. Add Storage Batteries
Install 2-3 Enphase AC Batteries to start creating sufficient battery reserve for your household needs.

3. Auto-Optimise
The system will then auto-optimise your power availability

Shifting energy to batteries when you’re generating more power than you use, an
Drawing electricity back from the batteries during peak usage periods.

You can then start mixing things up – change your habits, or add more batteries and solar panels – to find ways to further reduce your electricity bill.

Hybrid Solar now viable with new Solar Battery Storage Systems

SMA Smart Home Energy Storage system
SMA Smart Home Energy Storage system

Following the wave of cost and eco concious home owners installing solar to save money over the last few years, new releases ofSolar Battery Storage Systems is now making it increasingly viable for urban dwellers to at least partially free themselves from the increasing costs of being connected to the mains grid.

Solutions like the SMA Smart Home Energy Storage System allow a home owner like you to:

Maximise solar power installation

  • Boosted ‘self-consumption’ up to 65%
  • Use solar power 24 hours a day
  • Emergency power when the grid power fails
  • Cap peak power use to reduce grid power costs