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Virtual Power Plant

Simply Energy have selected Adelaide Solarsafe as a partner to offer a unique opportunity to access the Simply Energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP).
If you purchase an eligible Battery Energy Storage System from Adelaide Solarsafe you will qualify for the Simply Energy VPP Access Credits of up to $5100*. The access credits are credited to your energy bill at $7/day for 2 years.

Effectively, Simply Energy use a small portion of the VPP combined network of batteries’ energy and sell it on the open market. When combined with the State Government’s SA Home Battery Scheme subsidy of up to $6000, you could receive up to $11,100 subsidy from the cost of your Solar and Battery Energy Storage System.

Simply Energy Virtual Power Plant Basics:

  1. Approved systems: TESLA Powerwall 2, Eguana Evolve, Sonnen
  2. Credits: Up to $5100 @ $7.00/day (over 2 years fixed benefit period)
  3. Feed In Tariff: 15c/kWh
  4. Grid Usage Rate: 39.78c/kWh incl. gst FIXED
  5. Supply Charge: 95.89c/day
  6. Exit Fee: $0 *Requires 20 working days notice

*Learn more about Simply Energy's Virtual Power Plant & T&C's
Tesla 'Powerwall2' Energy Storage System Eguana Technologies 'Evolve' Energy Storage System sonnenBatterie Energy Storage System

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