E-KwBe is a new modular lithium-ion based energy storage system which can help optimize the use of residential solar energy system, cut the electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint.

E-KwBe appearance is designed in an aesthetically pleasing and modern style with an expected lifespan of more than 10 years. Its modular design allows multiple units to be connected together easily to increase the capacity and reduce the use of fossil fuel progressively.


  1. Optimizing the self-consumption of solar power
  2. Load shifting
  3. Emergency Power
  4. Super Compatibility
  5. Environmentally friendly


  1. Small size, Light weight, Large capacity, High energy density, Easy to install
  2. All-aluminum chassis design and heat sink does not require a cooling fan (Passive cooling, Good heat dissipation, Silent)
  3. Integrated waterproof front cover design (IP54, For both indoor or outdoor)
  4. Accurate State Of Charge algorithm with > 97% accuracy
  5. With Active Balance Technology the life span of the battery is prolonged effectively
  6. Meeting the safety requirements of various countries including TÜV certification
  7. The Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the real-time battery operating data to prolong battery life
  8. The intelligent BMS automatically identifies the master-slave relationships when additional battery packs are added

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