Solar panel roof installation

Solar Power Systems

Custom designed grid connect solar systems tailored to your own individual needs.


Commercial Solar

Adelaide SolarSafe are specialists in GRANT WRITING to qualify your business for the Aus Industry, Clean Technology Food and Foundry Investment Program.


Solar Energy Battery Storage Systems

Our flexible storage system allows you to be independant from rising electricity prices. This unique storage system gives you the ability to use your solar power 24 hours a day.


Tesla Energy Plan Virtual Power Plant

Tesla and Energy Locals have selected Adelaide Solarsafe as a partner to offer a unique opportunity to access the Tesla Energy Plan Virtual Power Plant (VPP).


SafePower Systems

Emergency power for communication in the event of a catastrophic power failure caused by FIRE or common grid failure


Eco Packages

Combine solar grid connect & hot water for maximum savings.


In Home Monitoring

Informative, compact and easy to operate: the Sunny Beam with Bluetooth looks good and is packed with innovative monitoring technology.


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